HBAC-20 repair

Harley Benton HBAC-20 

Start problems with HBAC-20? Here is how to repair it:

Amplifier have idle chip and it start (red led) when you play quitar and go back to idle (green led) when 30min of no use.

I couldn’t fix it so i add red wire to start amplifier powersupply when power switch is on.

I added red wire shown at picture to connect negative pole to relay coil.

Now amplifier starts and shut down only at the power switch.


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  1.  Avatar

    Is there any problem if I remove the power saving PCB? I have no use for it. If I connect the line and neutral wires going into the PCB with the wires going into the transistor it shoud be fine?

    1. 6kw_fi Avatar

      That should work fine too.

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